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Should the Church be Led by Teachers and Scholars? | Catalyst

October 3, 2011

It was good to be reminded of this this morning.  I have worked hard over these past years to establish a strong church leadership that is capable of teaching sound doctrine.  But I also know that we cannot have “professional” church leaders, rather we need bi-vocational leaders who can shepherd and live the red-letters outside of church.  Doctrine without experience makes for a lopsided church, just as experience without doctrine does the same.  Balance is an easy word to say but a hard concept to work out practically.

Thought I’d share this along with the link for those that are more interested.

So maybe if you’re a doctor or a plumber or a carpenter, you should lead the church. Maybe the church needs some of you who don’t write and speak and teach for a living to step up and put some action to our faith. I wonder what your churches would look like? Maybe you could meet in homes, appoint some elders, pray for each other, read the Bible to each other, and then just serve your communities and each other in love. Maybe you wouldn’t need a classroom at all. Go ahead, lead. You’re qualified. You’ll have a guide. You’ve graduated.

Whenever I write a post like this I encounter dualism, people who think I’m saying if Jesus didn’t choose educators then Bible College is wrong. We really have to stop thinking in either/or. There is no path, there is only a guide. There are a million right ways to be the church.

via Should the Church be Led by Teachers and Scholars? | Catalyst.

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