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News from W. Africa

November 5, 2011

Two stories caught my attention yesterday and today that I wanted to pass onto my readers who may not have seen the headlines.

The first concerns an intense conflict in Nigeria as Muslims enact Sharia Law in northern Nigeria.  There has been a growing series of violent confrontations that  affects the entire sub-region of West Africa.  The political, economic and religious instability of the region should become of greater concern to many of us.  Nigeria is the most populated nation in Africa and due to it’s native English speakers, they have easy access to other English speaking nations – notably the UK and the US.  Terrorism and violence against innocents in any nation should garner our attention.  Please keep this in mind as we pray and intercede for the region.

BBC News – Maiduguri: Nigeria ‘bombers attack military bases’.

The second story concerns the murder of a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) that lived south of us in Benin.  Her murder was preventable.  PCVs live in a lot of small villages throughout the world, so I was encouraged to see how quickly and unanimously the US government responded to this situation.  For further information go to the link below:

Cumming murder victim’s Peace Corps bill clears House  |

  1. I have a friend in the Peace Corps currently living in Benin.

    • Atacora permalink

      That’s great, do you know where in Benin they are?

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