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TAG finds new partner in work among Cheyenne

November 8, 2011

The number of problems confronting the average Cheyenne on the reservation in Lame Deer is overwhelming.  The reservations are in serious problems and to have these islands of concentrated poverty in the sea of “normal” America is really something you have to see.  It’s worse than the inner cities, because at least there the laws governing land and commerce are the same, the reservations live with special federal laws and programs that even inner cities don’t have.

Escapism in the form of alcohol, drugs and gambling is rampant – even among the youth.  The innocence of childhood that we prize as a culture is in much much shorter on the reservations than for the rest of us in America.  Our partners in Lame Deer want to create a half-way home for kids, a house that can also sponsor an after-school program for children where they can be counseled, tutored and befriended.  After several talks with them, this is for the moment their major focus and felt need.  So TAG is wanting to help them with renovating an old house that is falling apart (roof, plumbing, floors and walls) that could be set for the exclusive use of this program.  And here enters a new partner…

Victory Outreach (check out their website by clicking on the link) is based in California and is the fruit of David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz‘s ministry in NY that was made famous in the book The Cross and the Switchblade but whose ministry has impacted thousands through Teen Challenge.  And now Victory Outreach, which had focused for so many years on gangs and inner city addictions, is getting involved on our reservations in America.  Currently we are exploring how the same house for kids can serve as a prep home for the Cheyenne and Crow communities before entering full-time recovery homes sponsored by Victory Outreach.

More and more many of us are finding a burden to help these communities of native Americans who have suffered social injustice for generations and who need a helping hand to become the people who God intends them to be.  Our mission is to equip them to overcome their own particular hurdles as well as to build the Kingdom of God within these spiritually poor communities.


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