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Religious freedom: Christians and lions

January 6, 2012
The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer

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Here is a great article by one the leading international magazines citing the problem of the persecution of Christians.  Recent bombings and killings in Nigeria have taken the headlines, but persecution of Christians around the globe has risen significantly.  There exists a knee-jerk reaction within American politics that says we can’t get involved because of “separation of church and state” issues, meanwhile thousands upon thousands are suffering worldwide.  Sadly, this reaction also seems to be mostly exclusive to the Christian faith.  The media will often overlook the religious element of stories because of the preponderance of bias against Christians, which without understanding the religious clash taking place makes the story unfathomable.

Allowing and promoting religious liberty not only does not breach the constitutional clause concerning the institution of a state church, it is the duty of our nation to stand for these freedoms around the world if we are to be true to our national values and beliefs.  The cry “separation of church and state” has been twisted from the founders’ intentions of liberty to become a bludgeon used upon the church, especially the Christian church, to push it further and further into a corner, and a dark one at that.

As Christians we should expect persecution and love our enemies despite their hate.  Hating back in no way conforms to the model of Christ and the apostles, but as American citizens with rights, we would be delinquent to not speak up, especially for the many thousands who do not have a voice.

Religious freedom: Christians and lions | The Economist.

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  1. Great article, thanks. Its also important that Christians take time to consider the issue of the sin nature of man and how various forms of government and governance amplify or minimize that issue.

    In particular, the trend towards centralization of power at the regional and global level is something Christians needs to understand.

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