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Passion Week

March 31, 2012

As many of us know, Palm Sunday is the kick-off to Christ’s tour-de-force that leads to the culmination of His death and resurrection.  His last week is packed full of wonderful, powerful words and moments.  Who can ever forget the image of Mary breaking her jar of nard and anointing Jesus?  Even as I type it, it’s amazing.  There they are, having a party at the house of a man, Simon, who had been healed of leprosy – someone who would never have had the opportunity to entertain again if not for Jesus – and Mary offers a sacrifice worth a year’s salary! to Jesus that just runs down His feet to the floor.  What extravagance!  Wasteful said some, but is there any sacrifice too high for Christ?  Naturally we say no to the question, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty how miserly do we become with our worship of the Christ?

My meditation upon this one event, one of many in this “last” week alone, brings me to tears and to my knees.  I recognize in myself my lack faith and my lack of sacrifice.  Is there someone in our lives who we just can’t believe God could transform so extremely?  I mean, really, a former leper throwing a party at his home?  Who would have ever believed it possible?  Jesus did, and I believe that there are many in our communities who God wants to do the same.  And what condition of heart must we come to that we are willing to lay down a year’s salary on feet?  So many say that they’ll make sacrifices for returns, but this was a sacrifice that would be wasted as soon as He goes out in the dusty streets again with His sandals.  And then see what her worship does in the hearts around her.  Shock, indignation, and anger.  One even goes so far as to agree to betray Jesus the next day.  Does the worship and sacrifice of others draw us to worship alongside or to criticize?  Does it spur us on or do we dig in our spurs?

Let us take advantage of the upcoming week, slow down and look carefully and attentively at Christ’s last days.  I say attentively because I believe that Christ, who is not dead but alive, desires that we hear His voice speaking to us today.  It sounds so cliché, but there’s truth here and we would do well to stop, and reflect & meditate upon this week, a week we call the Passion Week but which should stir our passions for the Lover of our soul.  Mary knew something we would all do well to remember, her sacrifice was a drop in the ocean of sacrifice Christ’s love for her, and us.  When such an extravagant sacrifice can viewed as the least we can do to thank Him, we bring pleasure to the heart of God.

Here are a few links that may help in your time of reflection and meditation –

A Google earth view with the major events of Jesus’ week tagged – Google Maps “Passion Week”

A reflective video composed old masterpieces set to music


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