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Happy Mothers’ Day!

May 13, 2012

I wanted to take the time and say thank you to the mothers we have. I think especially of own mother who cherished and nurtured me and then let me go off to Africa for 19 long years with bad communications and long intervals of seeing one another. I am grateful that she raised me with a Kingdom perspective and despite the sacrifice of not being near to me or hearing from me as often as most, she released me (and eventually her daughter-in-love and grandchildren) to do Kingdom business. She could have whined, complained and just made our life hard, but instead she has the long view of life and encouraged us to stay always in the center of His will – by far the best place to be. Much like Jochebed, she encased us in her prayers and released us into life’s torrents knowing that in the end that God’s hands were best able to hold & guide us throughout.

Additionally, I am thankful for a wife who mothers my own little warriors.  Not only was she incredibly courageous to birth and raise our children in Africa, and does she have some stories for you, she’s sensitive to nurture them with the same Kingdom perspective that took us to Benin.  Not only does she provide the princess clothing for our daughter who loves frilly things, she provides the swords to my boys as they go off to fight the dragon – often with their sister too, by the way.  But she has an awesome balance of recognizing God’s design in our children and nurturing them along those paths.  I am also very blessed that despite the busyness of homeschooling and raising 3 active kids, she’s made our marriage covenant the priority in her life reminding our children that they are in orbit about us and not us about them – something a bit counter-cultural these days.

And finally, a thank you to all the “mothers in Israel” who make up the Church and who’ve had an impact upon my own life and others.  Godly women who pray, nurture and listen to all of us who need encouragement throughout our lives.  Thank you and Happy Mothers’ Day!


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